Ravi Govilkar

Ravi is pure physics graduate and carries 25 years of experience in sales and technology. Starting his career from instrumentation sales got exposed to various verticals in the first decade, he developed a keen interest in booming software industry at the millennium end (1999) and shifted his focus to IT. Spent next 15 years in IT related field.

His cross vertical and cross functional expertise brought him to country head position for USA based software firm in India. 4+ years of banking media exposure gave him in depth knowledge on banking and financial vertical across India.

14+ years of management experience has culminated in his constructive and energetic style of operation. Some key areas of his interests are Strategy and planning, Account management, team management, training, client servicing and data governance/integrity.

An organized, precise, “focused on details” person. His approach towards life and learning is logical, stepwise and emphasizes on being functional and pragmatic. He has unique ability to see what needs doing and to get it done.