R.O.I – A Return On Investment & Information

Alpharithm is led by a highly experienced team with several decades of experience in delivering 100’s of client success stories. At Alpharithm, we focus on both ROI – “Return on Investment” and “Return on Information” to ensure that our clients stay focused on their core competency. Our key differentiators include:
  • Multi-award Winning, Platinum Partner for IBM in the areas of Data Governance, Data Catalogs, MDM, DataOps, Cloud Data Lakes and Cloud Pak for Data
  • First in the world to sell and Implement IBM MDM on Cloud
  • Only company in India with Single View of Citizen implementation experience with 3 Indian States – deduped, matched and linked more than 500 million citizen records using IBM MDM and still counting
  • Customer Intelligence Analytics (CIA) solution offers pre-built Predictive Analytics models
  • 24/7 delivery and support center in India, helps Global customers achieve more for less