companySrikumar Kumar, Founder & CEO

Sri has been leading the Data Management and Data Governance revolution in the Asia-Pacific region. Under his leadership, his team at Alpharithm have implemented state of the art, Foundational Data management platforms in various industries including Government, Media, Banks, Insurance and Retail. With more than 23 years of experience in the industry, Sri has performed Consulting, Architecture and Management roles in India, Singapore and the UK. Sri has worked across various technologies and fostered strategic partnerships with leading technology vendors including Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and IBM.

Sri is passionate about Data Management, Big Data Analytics including AI/Machine Learning and is a regular speaker and panel moderator in Industry events. Sri’s mission is to ensure clients derive maximum business value from their data and make data driven decisions.


female_userRanjani Devi Ramasamy, Operations Director

Having more than 8 years of experience acquired from various roles in Singapore, UK and India, Ranjani specializes in Statistics, Operational Research and Business Analytical tools such as SAS and SPSS. She has worked in diverse industries such as Airline, Healthcare, Financial and Technology and played a major role in streamlining processes to achieve positive, timely results and was instrumental in steering her previous organizations toward achieving milestones such as ISO certification.


companyRaghunathan Jayaraman, Director

A Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Raghu spent a decade in Hindustan Unilever at various commercial management functions before branching into IT Consulting. He was instrumental in growing the ERP business in the IT Company of a very large Business conglomerate and put the company on the international map. A veteran of Microsoft Dynamics ERP practice, Raghu has successfully promoted, expanded and executed leveraged buyout of two IT start-up companies in the last 15 years. He has a global marketing and selling track record and has spear-headed business expansion in multiple geographies. Raghu also serves as a Director on the board of a large microfinance company and is a Co-founder of a “not for profit” organization working for improving the employability of fresh management graduates.


companyRavi Govilkar – Director – Sales & Marketing

Ravi is pure physics graduate and carries 25 years of experience in sales and technology. Starting his career from instrumentation sales got exposed to various verticals in the first decade, he developed a keen interest in booming software industry at the millennium end (1999) and shifted his focus to IT. Spent next 15 years in IT related field.

His cross vertical and cross functional expertise brought him to country head position for USA based software firm in India. 4+ years of banking media exposure gave him in depth knowledge on banking and financial vertical across India.

14+ years of management experience has culminated in his constructive and energetic style of operation. Some key areas of his interests are Strategy and planning, Account management, team management, training, client servicing and data governance/integrity.

An organized, precise, “focused on details” person. His approach towards life and learning is logical, stepwise and emphasizes on being functional and pragmatic. He has unique ability to see what needs doing and to get it done.


companyKumar Subramaniam, Vice President

As an engineer Kumar has varied industry experience of over 25 years in Manufacturing, Trading, Construction and Service. His experience also includes management of production facilities, utilities maintenance and quality control & assurance. Kumar has his expertise in conceptualizing solution stack for Microsoft Dynamics implementations and successfully managed and implemented over 40 projects ranging from Rapid Implementations to handling Complex and large projects in India, Middle East,  Europe, Australia and the USA

companyShekar Kothimbakkam, Head of Solutions Delivery

With over 17 years in the IT industry, Shekar was involved in various roles from pre-sales to delivery management of business applications using Microsoft, Oracle & IBM technologies. Shekar excels in architecture and design of Data management and decision support systems. He has a specific interest in research and development and has led product management teams for large corporates. His last stint was with a major software player in the HR space where he led a large team in providing critical business solutions to clients.