About the client: Sanofi is one of the Largest European head quartered Pharma companies.
Business Challenges: The client lacked visibility of consolidated payments made to Doctors. This is because the Doctor data is duplicated across different CRM and Data originating systems. To add to this a Doctor can be associated with multiple hospitals and clinics. In addition the same Doctor is seen by different Sales Reps, each in turn creating new Doctor Id for every thereby duplicating the data. This led to several operational staff engaged in manually validating and de-duplicating the data which increased the cost of operations, increased risk and reduced the efficiency. In addition, they had to comply with the Transparency Act.
Solution: Data was extracted from Sanofi’s source systems including CRM and then validated, cleansed, deduplicated, matched and loaded into a Master data hub alled the Doctors Hub. This hub would contain the Golden record for each Doctor and their association with Hospitals. Master Data Governance process was established using a Workflow model to prevent data deterioration and ensure that the systems remained duplicate free. The Doctor Hub delivered Single version of truth and enabled accurate information sharing across the enterprise.
  • Deduplication of data: 35% duplication was identified and removed from the existing database
  • Spend Analysis: Visibility into Doctors and associated spend
  • Doctor Hub: Golden record for each Doctor and link between disparate systems
  • Compliance: Met the regulatory requirements
  • Information Governance: Laid foundation to create Products and Distributor hubs in the future
Technology: MDM SE (Standard Edition) on Prem, Information Server, DB2