Pharmaceuticals industry is experiencing a period of profound transformation. Companies world-wide face unprecedented challenges:

  • Competition from new market entrants
  • Expiring patents
  • Increasing Cost pressure
  • Lack of visibility in Doctor payments
  • Delays in meeting Compliance requirements

Most business executives agree that data is
 a critical underpinning of nearly any initiative focused on achieving the above. Data challenges include:

  • Inability to quantify the cost of bad data
  • Address Standardization
  • Inconsistent data across LOB
  • Duplicate Doctor/Hospital records
Pharmaceuticals-Single View Doctor

Alpharithm’s OneVue solution unleashes the power of IBM’s technology and delivers single, trusted versions of critical data assets and their relationships whenever and wherever they are needed.

  • Pre-built Workflows for New Doctor onboarding
  • De-duplicate & Consolidate Doctor and Hospital data into one common repository
  • Cleanse and Enrich Name and Address data centrally
  • Distribute data within the enterprise from a single point of truth
  • Address key issues such as data quality and consistency proactively rather than reactively
Onevue & MDM for Pharma - Benefits

OneVue also offer the following benefits

  • Create a single, consolidated view of Doctor information
  • Gain visibility into a Doctor Payments
  • Identify Hierarchies & Relationships between Doctors and Hospitals
  • Reduce Operational costs
  • Share Doctor information with other applications in batch mode / real-time
  • Meet Compliance requirements
  • Accurate and timely reporting & analytics

OneVue is offered to Clients in the following two SaaS (Software as a Service) models:

On Premises Model

  • OneVue is hosted in the Client’s secured Data Center
  • The pricing includes the cost of the solution, services and support
  • The Services will be performed every month/quarter (or at the agreed frequency)

Hosted Model

  • OneVue is hosted in Alpharithm’s secured Data Centre and managed by Alpharithm
  • Concerns (if any) around data security is handled by the built -in security software. The client is 
notified of any breach via auto alerts.
  • The pricing includes the cost of the solution, hardware, services and support
  • The services will be performed every month/quarter (or at the agreed frequency)