All about Data | KV Dipu & Srikumar Kumar

The second episode of All About Data by Banking Frontiers Live is an Insurance sector conversation with KV Dipu of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance company and Srikumar of Alpharithm Technologies in association with IBM. Here, the discussion is on making sense of unstructured data, making ML more Powerful, bringing a stronger measurability quotient to data, and at the same time bettering …

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All About Data

All About Data Data is the center of Digital Transformation Strategy. Ultimately, every technology feeds on #Data to deliver its result be it in the form of elevating experience or enhancing efficiency, or bringing in more agility and customisation. In this conversation Dr.Rajendran N the CIO of Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. shares some interesting perspectives on Data #Governance, Hybrid Data Management, and Enrichment with Structured …Read More0