Learning research theory demonstrates that adults predominantly learn by practice and, notwithstanding that there are four predominant learning styles, training is most effective when the ratio of practical exercises to theory is higher. Our trainers are our ‘shop window’ and so we take great care in their selection both in terms of their subject matter expertise, their delivery style and also their personality and ability to build rapport. We select trainers who are more facilitative, can engage the group with solid anecdotes based upon business experience, and who advocate a more practical approach to their delivery.

Alpharithm has extensive experience in the design and delivery of training and our pragmatic approach underpins every solution that we offer.

Is your team ahead of the learning curve?

Have you ever been on an intensive training course only to return to the office and forget everything you learned? This is a frustration that many people encounter in standard education courses. What can you do to retain the information learned? Use it!

Our mission at Alpharithm is to deliver improved business results for our clients by increasing the performance of a key asset, their people. We provide training courses on IBM DataStage that include practical workshops and follow the knowledge gained with useful mentoring.

Our DataStage Certified trainers have both the skills to teach and the industry knowledge to share with your team. Our courses are conducted at your locations to minimise the disruption to you, using the equipment and systems that you are familiar with. Having gone through our course, your team will be ready for action!

Individual Training