IBM’s BigData Analytics/Data warehouse platform on Premise

With growing data and the requirement to speedy analytics have put organizations in a complex situation. To help companies from drowning in data and to provide them the quick access to insight, IBM Pure data analytics combined with Netezza was introduced.

Netezza, a data warehouse appliance designed and built to provide solution that empowers analytic enterprises to meet and exceed their business demands. An appliance that fuses data warehousing and a built-in analytical function in a single box allowing to build and deploy analytic models where the data resides.  The appliance uses the high-speed throughput of the Asymmetric Massively Parallel Processing (AMPP) architecture to maximize speed and efficiency for in-database analytics processing. With the new Pure Data for Analytics you will be able to tackle Big Data faster than ever before, with a 128-gigabyte per second effective scan rate.



Simple System For Serious Analytics                                                       

  • Designed, Built and Optimized for Data Warehousing & BI
  • Integrated by Design – CPU, Storage, Database
  • Standard interfaces to 3rd party vendors
  • Low total cost of ownership

Core value
• Simplicity – a plug and play design that consolidates all analytics activity in a powerful appliance, instead of a fragmented analytics infrastructure with multiple systems where data is replicated. It is easy to deploy and requires minimal ongoing administration, for an overall low total cost of ownership

• Speed – AMPP architecture delivers 100x time faster query performance than any traditional system. Analytics that once seemed impossible or impractical to run are now possible with IBM Netezza Analytics. With a 5Tb/Hr load speed, terabytes of data can be loaded and analysed in a blazing speed.

• Agility – with 200 in-built analytical function, analyze where the data resides
With Netezza, organizations can react quickly and confidently to opportunities or treats in their business.

Logical Data Warehouse Capabilities – Ready to go!

PureData appliance with IBM Fluid Query and IBM BigInsights for Hadoop

Included with the PureData System for Analytics N3001 Data Warehouse Appliance

IBM-Data Warehouse Appliance

Hadoop Data Services
BigInsights for Apache Hadoop
5 virtual Servers in aggregate per customer number

Business Intelligence
Cognos Business Intelligence, 5 Analytics User licenses, plus 1 Analytics Administrator license

Data Integration & Transformation
InfoSphere DataStage – 280 PVUs of DataStage engine, 2 DataStage Designer User licenses, and InfoSphere Data Click

Real-Time Analytics
InfoSphere Streams Developer Edition
2 non-production User licenses and includes additional select accelerators

Traditional Data Warehouse

My batch window is 8 hours. Very often
I miss the business SLAs.

I have terabytes of data stored in multiple databases. The queries run forever. I am unable to generate and deliver timely insights.

Too many tools, too many vendors. I have one of each of everything. Cost are escalated. I am desperate for a technology refresh.

I need to build a new data mart/data warehouse to meet business requirement. I have to deliver this ASAP.

I have many DBAs and system administrators to maintain multiple servers in my Data Warehouse landscape.

Data Warehouse on Netezza

Time to Load: Connect to a variety of data sources and load data into Netezza @5TB per hour.

Time to Query: 100X faster than traditional systems. Reports run in seconds as opposed to hours.

Cost: Built- in Hardware, Database and 200+ analytical packages. Move predictive analytics (SPSS/SAS/R) to data layer.

Simplicity: Don’t worry about hardware, software, network, switches etc. Just plug and play and save valuable time. No assembly required. No configuration required.

Maintenance: No DBAs required. No index. No Tuning. Just run your queries and analytics at the speed of thought.