Customer want to shop anywhere – online, mobile or in stores. They want their brands, need accurate information on products and excellent service. Mess with them once and the bad reviews are all over the web.

Today, the customers have multiple options to buy their product. You can be their preferred retailer by providing:

  • Personalized Product pricing and promotions
  • Understanding & honouring customer preferences
  • Providing unique and engaging experiences across channels
  • Recognizing and rewarding customer loyalty

Most business executives agree that data is a critical underpinning of nearly any initiative focused on achieving the above. Data challenges include:

Retail--Single View Customer
Onevue & MDM for Retail-Benefits


  • Inability to quantify the cost of bad data
  • Indian Address Standardization
  • Inconsistent data across LOB
  • Duplicate customer records

Alpharithm’s OneVue solution unleashes the power of IBM’s technology and delivers single, trusted views of critical data and their relationships whenever and wherever they are needed.

  • Consolidate Master data into one common repository
  • Cleanse and enrich data centrally
  • Distribute data as a single point of truth
  • Address key issues such as data quality and consistency proactively rather than reactively

OneVue is offered to Clients in the following two SaaS (Software as a Service) models:

On Premises Model

  • OneVue is hosted in the Client’s secured Data Center
  • The pricing includes the cost of the solution, services and support
  • The Services will be performed every month/quarter(or at the agreed frequency)

Hosted Model

  • OneVue is hosted in Alpharithm’s secured Data Centre and managed by Alpharithm
  • Concerns(if any)around data security is handled by the built-insecurity software. The client is 
notified of any breach via auto alerts.
  • The pricing includes the cost of the solution, hardware, services and support
  • The services will be performed every month/quarter(or at the agreed frequency)