SiNGL – Make Data-driven decisions with trusted data

Most enterprises have started on the AI and Analytics journey but are unable to realise the full potential without having a complete understanding of their Customers and Products and other master data assets.

Typically companies have large data residing in multiple data sources (ERP, Core Banking, Policy Admin, CRM etc.). They face challenges in creating a single version of truth and delivering trust within the enterprise.

SiNGL is a simple, agile, quick-fix solution for deduplication, matching and linking that extracts data from multiple source systems and delivers a Single View of Customer, Vendor, Distributor, Products, Employees and other critical master data assets.

Robust, pre-built Workflows ensure that good quality data is captured at source, removes spreadsheet exchange between users, ensuring Data Governance at the enterprise level.

The solution is powered by IBM Master Data Management Solution and can be hosted on cloud as well as on-premises. Built-in connectors enables seamless integration with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Applications and popular e-Commerce platforms.

The SiNGL solution significantly reduces risk and can be implemented in 3 to 4 months.

How it works?

SiNGL collates the master data from source systems, cleanses, de-duplicates and using industry specific algorithms delivers a “Golden Record”. This Golden Record is stored in a Central Repository and can then be distributed back to the sources systems and to downstream applications – in batch and real-time.

Batch Integration Architecture

Real-time Integration Architecture


Other Benefits

  • Create a single, consolidated view of information 
  • Retain Customers – Gain visibility into total portfolio
  • Identify households for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Next best Offer – Manage product bundling 
  • Perform cross-channel analysis to assess credit risk levels 
  • Control access to client information to support privacy controls 
  • Meet compliance and regulatory requirements 

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SiNGL is offered to Clients under the following two models

On Premises Model

  • SiNGL is hosted in the client’s secured data-centre (Infra provisioned by client)
  • The pricing includes the cost of the solution, services and support
  • The Services will be performed every month/quarter (or at the agreed frequency)

Cloud Model

  • SiNGL is hosted in Alpharithm’s secured data centre and managed by Alpharithm
  • The pricing includes the cost of the solution, services and support and Infrastructure
  • The services will be performed every month/quarter (or at the agreed frequency)