Do you want virtual data copies?

But are bogged down with time consuming cloning processes, storage
intensive difficulties and unable to release the applications faster?

Now Accelerate Data Management and DevOps with Virtual Data Copies

The Current Situation

The Solution

IBM VDP Solution helps IT department to provision virtual test data environments in just minutes as opposed to days. It helps keep test data in sync with Production data by cloning, thus allowing for near real-life testing. Self-service features allows instant refresh of test data without DBA assistance. You can save on licensing cost for non-production environments and cut down on Storage costs by up to 90%. This solution  has helped many companies such as yours, in India. The solution also complies with privacy regulations such as GDPR and India Privacy Act using data masking to protect personal data during the testing and development phase.

VDP helps enterprises with

  • Virtual database cloning
  • Instant recovery anywhere to facilitate DevOps Programs,
  • Cloud Migration,
  • Disaster Recovery

Business benefits of VDP