Team at Alpharithm has successfully handled Microsoft Dynamics implementations which ranged from rapid implementations to enterprise, wide detailed and comprehensive implementations.

The implementation record of this team includes a quick project in Microsoft Dynamics successfully – a leading automobile trading organization where the implementation was completed successfully in 45 days. The team has also handled large implementations as well including complex data migrations, automating organization-specific business processes, multiple locations deployment etc.

Alpharithm is also sensitive to softer aspects of project implementations and has successfully dealt with aspects such as change management, business process re-engineering, user training, organizational mentoring in the use of ERP, employee anxiety management etc.


We at Alpharithm understand the typical pain points faced by the customers during the IT overhaul in their organizations. Our very aim is to alleviate this pain and ensure an effective deployment that fills the gap between corporate expectations and results. To achieve this result, we follow a structured process for the successful initiation, deployment and operation of your chosen system.

Our unique Implementation Methodology is the outcome of time tested practices and industry experience. This framework has been designed and put in place by seasoned consultants with robust knowledge out of learning from previous implementations. Our methodology is a global process moulded to address the practicalities of complex solution deployments.

This methodology is in line with the Sure Step Methodology, recommended by Microsoft for delivering Microsoft Dynamics implementations. At the same time, this methodology is well adapted to simplify the process to a great extent in order to overcome the challenges faced in an IT system deployment.

Project Management

The key to successful and timely implementation of Microsoft Dynamics projects is effective leadership and project management. The team at Alpharithm is rich with experienced project managers who have successful record of managing Microsoft Dynamics projects. The team of able project managers has always given strong emphasis to the key aspects of project implementation, namely business process understanding, unique business practices, understanding client’s expectations, end-user training needs and post implementation support requirements.

Alpharithm shall factor all these finer aspects while drawing up project plans so that they are given the required attention and importance-to ensure successful project delivery.

Value Addition

Alpharithm also provides value-adding IT solutions that are built around the ERP solutions to ensure that an enterprise gets the best return out of the ERP investment.

Alpharithm’s value-added services and solutions like IT / Business consultancy to enhance the business operations and effectiveness of IT decisions, Business collaboration solutions to facilitate information sharing across its stake holders through portals, mobile integration etc; and Business Intelligence solutions to ensure data analysis for better decisions.

The specific competency of Alpharithm includes IBM data management, In-memory analytics and Business Performance Management and mobility solutions which collaborate profitably for the clients.