About the client: These 3 clients represent three different states within India. Each State has several benefit schemes and service appx. 50 to 70 Million residents.
Business Challenges: Citizen demographic data and Benefits data was scattered across multiple departmental databases. Each database contained duplicate Citizen information leading to the same Citizen claiming benefits multiple times in a month resulting in Revenue leakage and poor Governance. The State department decided to embark on a Centralized Data Hub called SRDH to overcome these challenges and improve the benefits distribution process.
Solution: The solution for SRDH (State Resident Data Hub) involved extracting data from 13 departmental databases and deduping, matching and linking with the National Population Registry data and National ID (Aadhar) database. A unique record for each Citizen was created and relationships between family members were identified. The suspect records were sent back to governance team for field verification and further action.
  • State and National government bodies can now identify fraudulent benefits applications and claims, to minimize wasteful spending
  • Established a Clean, Authenticated and deduplication data repository for all the Residents of the State
  • Support State Government Departments in effective planning of welfare and development Schemes
  • Established the frameworks for effective monitoring of schemes
  • Enabled the transformation of service delivery through integrated service delivery Creation of a 360 degree profile of a resident
Technology: MDM Standard Edition (SE) on prem, Information Server, Oracle Exadata, IBM DB2