What's ofoody?

Mobile food ordering platform that enables customers to browse the menu via mobile device (Apple iPhone / iPad, Android Phone / Tablet) and place an order.

Your Customer will be able to :
Order Process

Customer uses your app

Your customer starts by using one of your custom-built apps (iPhone, iPad, Android)

Customer browses your menu and chooses items

Your customer can order items with a few clicks

Customer places the order – Selects Payment method

Your Customer has a choice to pay via Credit Card or pay Cash on Delivery

Your oFoody tablet rings and flashes

Tap the screen to see the order.

You review and acknowledge the order

You'll see the order with all the details. Status will be pushed to the customer’s screen.

You process the order just like a phone order

Looks good? Process it just like a phone order — enter it into your POS, yell it to the kitchen, organise delivery etc.

Payment is securely processed

The payment is electronically transferred into your bank account (less Payment Gateway fees) or cash collected and delivered to you by the Delivery team

What we offer?


  • Front end application used by the customer to place an Order


  • Tool used by a branch manager / Kitchen supervisor to update online opening and closing times, configure branches, configure products and categories, update availability
  • View Customer Orders and Print KOT
  • View and approve Customer Orders via Payment Gateway (EOD)
  • Update Packing, Dispatch and Delivery Status
  • View branch Reports – Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly Sales

Standard Reports

  • Tool used by Accounts / Finance Manager to review branch performance.
  • View Reports (by Branch / All Branches):
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly Sales
  • Export Sales Reports to Excel

Premium Reports

  • KPIs and Dashboards showing branch/company/product performance
  • Up to 5 Premium reports can be requested

Ad hoc Reports

  • Any report requirement outside the premium report list will be considered Ad hoc
  • Ad hoc reports can be requested at anytime for an additional cost

How do you Benefit?

  • New sales channel resulting in increased sales
  • Competitive edge over others
  • Overcome language / communication barriers
  • Avoid lost sales due to busy phone lines
  • Lays foundation for Customer loyalty management
  • Reduce customer churn and improve retention
  • Repeat orders from the same customer via downloaded App
  • Medium to offer promotions and discounts
  • Ability to accept International orders (e.g. Birthday Cakes)

How does the customer benefit?

  • Can place an order from the convenience of home/office/on the road
  • Order placed in seconds
  • Avoid long queues at the branch
  • Stock status known before payment
  • Repeat Orders possible via Favorites
  • Convenient and Secured payment methods
  • Track order status online
Demo Video's

Ofoody Mobile

Ofoody iPad