About the client: India First is the top mid market Life Insurance company and General Insurance segment in India providing Health, Security, Savings and Wealth products.
Business Challenges: Clients wanted to deliver near real-time reporting of their Insurance business to the management. However the Core Insurance applications built on legacy platforms couldn’t cater to this requirement, resulting in reports delivered late by up to 48 hours. Additionally there were a host of satellite applications catering to needs of various Channels who data was required on real-time basis.

Solution: Data from Core Insurance applications running on AS/400 along with data from Satellite applications were replicated in real-time using IBM’s CDC technology to a Operational Data Store (ODS).

This new platform:
  • Reduced the overhead on the Operational system (AS/400)
  • Delivered central repository of enterprise data
  • Enabled intra day operational reporting
  • Supported downstream application requirements without impacting the source
  • Revenue Growth: Improved revenue with real-time data availability for Operational BI
  • Cost Savings: Improved Customer Retention, Reduced Churn, Reduced IT spending on Source system upgrades, Reduced data management costs, Reduced batch window from hours to minutes
  • Risk: Reduced the risk of the Operational system going down
Technology: Change Data Capture (IBM CDC)