About the client: Karnataka Bank is leading bank in India catering to diverse customer segments including corporates with very high investments in state of the art technologies..
Business Challenges: To Simplify and accelerate the provisioning of data for Test and Development purposes, Reduce Complexity and growing costs for data management processes. Support variable service levels, on demand access, automation,Coexist and integrate with 3rd party solutions for automation and self-service provisioning. Integrate with existing masking procedures as well as provide these features within a unified tool.

Solution: Banks needed a Unified solution that virtualizes the underlying data of production systems delivering instant, non-disruptive access for application development and testing without the need for additional storage. IBM Virtual Data Pipeline technology helped in providing a single data management platform that captured data across enterprise applications and systems, managing it with efficiently and by provisioning virtual or physical copies for any use.

  1. Reduced Database provisioning time: Shift from Days to Minutes, improving the overall DevOps process efficiency.
  2. Reduced Storage Cost: 90% savings was realized as a result of VDP implementation
  3. Improved Governance: SLA-driven approach helped to comply with diverse data governance needs, and workflow and automation ensures that data is formatted properly (e.g. for masking requirements) for distribution
Technology: IBM Virtual Data Pipeline