Dynamics 365 for Sales

According to Gartner’s CRM Application Functionality Starfish, a CRM app should encompass sales, customer service, marketing, digital commerce, and field service functionalities. In Dynamics 365 modular structure, those features are represented by self-contained apps. Unsurprisingly, Dynamics 365 for Sales represents the sales point of that starfish, with Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Dynamics 365 for Retail, and Dynamics 365 for Field Service covering the other areas.

Dynamics 365 for Sales allows users to manage their sales processes from beginning to end, from lead generation and pipeline management, to account management and reporting.

The app centralizes all an organization’s sales leads into one place, helps collect data, and automates repetitive areas of the cycle, so salespeople can focus on building relationships and nurturing opportunities.

The system is able to automatically score, qualify, and assign leads, and provides real-time analysis at every stage of the process to help users focus their efforts in the most profitable areas.

All sales and marketing activity is logged in a single view, so salespeople get a complete picture of their organization’s relationship and previous contact with a customer, making it easier to deliver great service, and spot up- and cross-selling opportunities.

The app can also issue intelligent, automated reminders and actions to keep leads moving through the pipeline, and make sure no customer falls through the cracks.

Extensive, AI-infused reporting capabilities help highlight successes and opportunities, and with the in-built gamification feature, organizations can encourage productivity, user adoption, and boost employee engagement.